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  • Model: PMM2206/PMM1106
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Energy Evaluation Monitor Power Saving Meter AC Outlet adapter

* The series of PM saving energy monitoring & control outlet can be used to measure the situation of average power and electricity-saving of the AC TYPE appliance.
* The product is the standard which to assess which way is more economic.
* It can guarantee the accuracy in grade 1.0(the erro more or less 1% )to any load.
* That is the ideal tool of assess the product load to the household and technology enterprise.
* The series of product can also control the time to switch restrict the load,it is the helper of safety of using electricity.

Features of product:
* It use professional electricity meter chip,guarantee the steady of the job,high accuracy of measure.
* The industry manufacture technology,long lasting.
* Clearly,show in big font LCD.
* With two multifunctional electrical outlet, suit variety kinds of plug.
* The history detail will not miss when the power is cut.
* Its energy consumption is very small,can link to the source for a long time.

* Please use it beyond its maximum power,do not exceed.
* The product just suit inside.
* This product can not proof water.
* Can not touching the metal part by your body.
* Keep away from the child,in case of electic shock.

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