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RS232 To RS232 Optical Isolation Repeater

Name:RS232 To RS232 Optical Isolation Repeater

Specification & Features
  • Interface: Conform to EIA RS-232 and CCITT V.24asynchronous protocols
  • Connector: Both sides use DB9 connectors
  • Transmission mode: Asynchronous, full duplex, fully transparent
  • Isolation voltage : 2500V sequence or 7500V impluse
  • Power supply: supply electricity from RS-232 port (TXD,RTS OR DTR)
  • Working environment: 0 to 50 C (0%-95% RH)
  • Protect serial port, inhibit static and surge
  • prevent ground loop and surge damaging devices
  • Adopt latest high voltage photoelectric parts
  • powerful anti-jamming capacity
  • Support RS-232 asynchronous communication standard
  • direct insert into RS-232 interface serially, convenient operation
  • Transmission speed up to 57.6kbps
  • Compact size, optional manifold signals and suitable for various devices
  • Housing: ABS plastic

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