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M.2(NGFF) SSD adapter as SSD of 2010-2011 MACBOOK Air

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ST-M2A2011-S M.2(NGFF) SATA KEY B+M SSD to 2010-2011 MACBOOK Air adapter card is used to alow M.2 NGFF SSD replace SSD of 2010-2011 MACBOOK Air A1369 A1370 1375 A1377 mc505 mc506.
1. can replace the following SSD modules from 2010-2011 MACBOOK Air A1369 A1370 1375 A1377 mc505 mc506:
SSD: Toshiba THNSNC128GMDJ,toshiba THNSNC256GMDJ,
Samsung MZ-CPA0640/0A2(64GB),Samsung MZ-CPA1280/0A2(128GB) ,Samsung MZ-CPA2560/0A5(256GB)
2. size is same as 2010-2011 Air SSD: 109x24mms.
3. plug and play,no need drivers .
4. Only support M.2 NGFF SSD 22*80mms.
5. NO need extra power supply.

6.Torx T5 /P5 1.2mm Pentalobe Screwdriver make it easier to open back case and replace SSD.

Notice:Pls prepare USB disk driver before using the adapter.You can learn how to Create a Mac Flash recovery drive from here:

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