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dual NGFF M.2 SSD to SATA 6G/USB 3.0 RAID adapter


This is an economical choice to use M.2 NGFF SATA SSD as a 2.5'' SATA storage device. Once being installed into PC/laptop,the NGFF SSD appears as an ordinary SATA storage to any OS and can be configured as a bootable device. Additionally, this adapter supports
RAID0(Strip), RAID1(Mirror), JBOD(Port Multiplier) and SPAN(Big) with low power and high efficient RAID operation and easy configurable through GUI.
Features and Specification
1.Standard 2.5'' SATA storage device form factor (100mm x 70mm x 7mm)
2.Transparent to OS and does not require any driver
3.Complies with Serial ATA Specification Rev.3.0
4.Complies with Port Multiplier Specification Rev. 1.1
5.Supports SATA III (1.5Gbps, 3.0Gbps and 6.0Gbps) host interface
6.Supports SATA NCQ command
7.Supports RAID 0 / 1 / JBOD / SPAN mode
8.RAID mode switch by hardware strapping or graphic user interface (GUI)
9.Can be a primary bootable device containing the OS and applications
10.Compatible to M.2 NGFF SSD (SATA Key)
Package Contents
2.5'' SATA 6G to Dual NGFF RAID Adapter x 1
USB 3.0 cable x 1

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