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1.8 LIF macbook air Toshiba Samsung SSD to SATA adapter with cas

Name: 1.8 LIF macbook air Toshiba Samsung SSD to SATA adapter with case

ST968FD is an economical 2.5" SSD. It uses a 2.5" ultra-lightweight aluminum material shell, coupled with the SATA LIF SSD combination to SATA adapter. When assembled, it is a standard 2.5 "SATA SSD. It can operate in a variety of operating systems. Such as DOS, Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, Vista, Win 7, Linux, Unix, and so on. ST968FD allows the installation of SATA LIF SSD as system disk, boot the operating system directly, without having to install any drivers, but does not affect the execution speed of the SSD storage devices.

  • Fully compliant with SATA revision 2.6
  • SFF-8201 Specification for Form Factor of 2.5"Disk Drives
  • SFF-8223 specification for 2.5"Drive Form Factor with SATA Connector
  • Intel Common Building Block HDD Platform
  • SFF-8146 Specification for 54mm x 71mm Form Factor with LIF 24pin SATA connector

  • Notebook, Ultrabook, Tablet PC
  • nternet Appliances, Kiosks
  • Industrial Computers, Embedded machine
  • Routers, Firewalls
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