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  • Model: ST4022
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micro SD/TF card to UDMA CF adapter

Supports Micro SDXC/SDHC/SD/MMC
MicroSDXC: by firmewareupdate(64GB)
Micro SDHC: 4GB to 32GB(class 1 to 10)
Micro SD: 8MG to 4GB
Supports CF true IDE mode/memory mode/IO mode
Support CF UDMA mode data transfer
Equipped with EEPROM fpr future firmeware update
Equipped with push-push MicroSD scoket
Supports Windows/Mac OS/Linux

Product characteristics
Convert micro SD / SDHC / SDXC to CompactFlash adapter
Standards Compliance: CF Type I,II
Voltage: 3.3 V-5.0V

Note: The adaptor only converts the real speed of the memory card applied to it. No transfer rates should be marked on the adaptor . The Micro SDXC support only exFAT file system.It is compatible with Micro SDXC, the workingOS of the device must support exFAT(FAT64) file system.

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