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  • Model: PA-TF-AKEY
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M.2 NGFF Key A/E To Micro SD SDHC SDXC card Reader

- Comply with USB Storage Class specification rev. 1.0
- Support one device address and up to four endpoints: Control (0)/Bulk Read (1)/Bulk Write (2)/Interrupt (3)
Integrated USB building blocks
- USB2.0 transceiver macro (UTM), Serial Interface Engine (SIE), Build-in power-on reset (POR) and low-voltage detector (LVD)
Secure DigitalTM (SD) and MultiMediaCardTM (MMC)
- Supports SD specification v1.0 / v1.1 / v2.0 / SDHC (Up to 32GB)
- Compatible with SDXC (Up to 2TB)
- Supports 1 / 4 bit data bus
Support boost mode for SD3.0 for better performance
Support LED function to indicate power and access status

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