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3x5 mini SATA mSATA SSD SATA 3 adapter


Fully compliant with SATA 2, with Standard 7 + 15 pin plug connector

3.3 Volt Mini PCI-e SSD (mSATA Module) Support

2.5" SATA case DIMENSIONS: 100 mm (L) x 70 mm (W) x7mm (H)

Mini PCI-e 52 pin Connector

Mini PCIe SSD full size dimension Support:

Form Factor: 50.95 mm (L) x 30 mm (W) x 3.8 mm (H)

aluminium case

Application :

PA-HD2590 is SATA to mSATA adapter, providing one 7+15pin SATA connector on the host connection and one Mini PCI-e 52-pin connector on the SSD storage devices connections. When assembled, it can operate in a variety of operating systems. Such as DOS, Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000, Vista, Win 7, Linux, Unix, and so on.

PA-HD2590 allows the installation of mSATA SSD as system disk, boot the operating system directly, without having to install any drivers . It may be used in any application where a SATA SSD drive may be used:
Notebook , MID, Tablet PC
Internet Appliances, Kiosks
Industrial Computers
Routers, Firewalls

Note:Designed for 5CM mSATA SSD's only. Not compatible with 5CM Mini PCI-e SATA or PATA SSD's .So before buy this item, pls confirm your SSD is mSATA pin-out type For part of msata SSD list, pls go to ou website:


1x screw driver

1x mini pcie msata to sata adapter card with case
1 set screw
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