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1567 CPU socket kits tester for server

Name:1567 CPU socket kits tester for server is used to test signals of motherboard

intel 1567 CPU socket kits tester for server is used to test signals of motherboard, check the open circuit, short circuit of BGA and CPU socket, etc. Instead of traditional complex testing methods, it can test every pins accurately. When changing the BGA Bridge, it can determine the connection of BGA through the LED on the board. It comes with manual for reference

Specification & Features
  1. includes SMI1 signal LED Tester, SMI2 signal LED Tester, QPI0, QPI2 combination LED tester, QPI1,QPI3 combination LED Tester, LED tester's load board and voltage load board. Install CR2032 battery on the 4 CPU LED tester, on the mainboard of single CPU socket, choose appropriate LED tester to test according to the mainboard's framework design , on the motherboard of 4 CPU socket, then need to test each CPU socket by each LED tester. (such as when test CPU1 socket, put testing load board into the CPU2, CPU3, CPU4 and lock, respectively put SMI1 signal LED tester and SMI2 signal LED tester on CPU1 socket to test SMI signal is normal or not. put QPI1, QPI3 combination LED Tester to test QPI1, QPI3 signal is normal or not, then put QPI2, QPI4 combination LED tester to test QPI2, QPI4 signal. By same way to test CPU2, CPU3, CPU4) can diagnose  open and short-circuit fault of serial bus.
  2. If there is LED that not bright, then can shake the four CPU lever separately, if still not bright, then should by refering the corresponding principle diagram to check the CPU socket's shrapnel is normal or not, CPU socket is good welded ot not,The CPU socket toBGA's SMI,QPI signal is open or short circuit or not. If a lamp very bright, then must check the lamp is short-circuit with the power or not.
  3. In testing one QPI signal of CPU socket, need to put LED tester's load board into the other three CPU socket, make each LED tesert of reture circuit voltage. if without load board, not bright to test QPI signal between CPU and CPU
  4. Voltage load board is used to test Signal on motherboard lile Clock, various voltage
  • When testing Servor's motherboard, don't match LED Tester with the CPU to use, to avoid damaging the CPU
  • After using many times, the light will turn into dim, please replace battery, as battery voltage of LED tester is not enough
  • As each manufacturer's the motherboard's design and chipset are different, some part of signal may show diferrently, please use a same motherboard or refer to motherboard's diagram to judge fault

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