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desktop laptop DDR2/DDR3 memory test card

desktop laptop DDR2/DDR3 memory test card 

Work with INTEL G41+ICH7 series motherboards, support desktop and notebook DDR2 and DDR3 DIMMs/SO-DIMMs
Support DDR2 with speed 667/800 and DDR3 with speed 800/1066/1333
Support to test the defect DIMM directly, and doesn’t need to use a good DIMM to assist the test.
Test time is short, and it supports Fast Test Mode and Full Test Mode. It only needs several seconds to scan out the DIMM soldering problems when working in Fast Test Mode. Even working with Full Test mode, it can finish to test a 1G size DIMM in two or three minutes. For the DIMM, which passes the Full Test, it usually is able to boot the computer successfully.
It uses LCD to display the DIMM main parameters and the DIMM test result. And uses can get that information easily.
It can configure the DIMM test parameter automatically based all the various motherboards and DIMMs combinations so that all test can be run under optimized way.

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