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  • Model: ST-MPE2USB
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Mini PCI-e 3G WLAN Wireless WIFI card to USB Adapter with sim s

This Mini PCI-E module to USB port is suitable for all wireless module and network card.
With SIM/UIM card slot at the switch interface, it enables you to use 3G module directly when SIM card installed.
Stable performance, strong internet performance
Built-in antenna switch port, can connect super external antenna
Also used for 3G module flash, test, and unlock
Support the following modules which have been tested in advance:
HUAWEI: EM730/EM770/EM770V/EM770W
Sierra Wireless: MC8755, MC8775, MC8780, MC8781/MC5725/MC5720
Ericsson: F3507G /DELL 5530
Novatel Wireless: EU850D, EU870D/ DELL 5520,
Option NV: GTM378, GTM380, GTM382
Qaulcomm UNDP/HP UN2400/UN2420/Gobi 2000(60Y3183)
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