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ATA PCMCIA Memory Card Reader Card 68PIN CardBus To USB 2.0 Adap


Name: ATA PCMCIA Memory Card Reader Card 68PIN CardBus To USB 2.0 Adapter converter
Model: PA-UATA

USB 2.0 to PCMCIA card adapter is the latest ATA card and Flash Disk card reader, enables to expand an PCMCIA card slot which supports 68pin Cardbus card. The users can enjoy the PCMCIA function on your desktop or Laptop.

Specifications and features:

  • Compatible of ATA/ATAPI-6 agreement, support 28-bit/48-bit addressing mode
  • Supports PIO 0,1,2,3,4 mode and UDMA0,1,2,3,4 mode.
  • Does not support PIO 5,6 mode CF card ATA card
  • Does not support SRAM card,P2 card, high speed ATA card (SMART XCEED High Speed ATA card), LINEAR card and new FLASH MEMORY CARD. Besides,some customized ATA card .(For example, SANDISK SDP3B-XXXX-XXX-50X,SDP3B-XXXX-XXX-812X,X represents an arbitrary letters and numbers)
  • supports Win7,Windows XP,Windows 2000, VISTA.

Suport brand list:
SANDISK,HITAHCHI,SILICONTECH,SHARP,PANASONIC,FUJITSU,SMARTWHITE ELECTRONIC DESIGNS,SIMPLE TECHNOLOGY,NEC etc. TA card,PC card and FLASH DISK card.multi SD MS XD SM slots PCMCIA card adapter plug into this card reader,directly read and write Original CF SD,MS XD SM memory card .

Note: the ATA PC card in the picture is only supplies demonstration effect, the item doesn't contain it.

Normally, the CF-PCMCIA adapter plug into this card reader, directly read and write any brand and any memory CF card. But the CF card specialized for the industrial equipment , that is completely incompatiblewith the ATA property,can't used by this device. While formatting, it fails. Accordingly, you can judge whether it is a industrial equipment CF card.

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